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two people hug in a group therapy session in their drug detox treatment program while other members sit and talk with each other in the backgroundDrug detox treatment is an essential part of our substance abuse treatment programs for individuals who are ready to stop using cocaine, alcohol, heroin, or other dangerous substances. It allows people to safely get through withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with substance use disorders and teaches them new coping methods. It is a much safer alternative than trying to quit alone, which can significantly increase your chances of relapse and overdose.

At Virtue Recovery Houston, our drug detox center provides a safe recovery experience for Texans struggling with addiction who want to make a positive change in their lives. Our behavioral therapists have experience working with people from all walks of life and helping them uncover the reasons that started the abuse so they can begin healing. For more information about our addiction treatment programs and how they can support your recovery, call 866.457.4811 today to schedule a tour and meet our friendly team.

When Is it Time to Get Help from a Drug Detox Center?

Addiction is a treatable mental health condition that requires a mix of different medical treatments and therapeutic techniques. Detoxing from drugs and alcohol can be very uncomfortable and dangerous, depending on the type of substance and the length of misuse. People with a long history of substance use will experience more intense withdrawals and cravings, making it extremely difficult to stop without professional support.

There are clear signs that indicate it is time to enroll in a drug detox center. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, here are some of the common signs that they can benefit from enrolling in a drug detox treatment program:

  • Their drug use increases over time to feel the same high
  • They take money for bills and use it to buy more drugs
  • They are unable to get through the day without taking more drugs
  • They begin to have relationship issues caused by their drug use
  • If you ask them about their drug use, they become defensive and insist they don’t have a problem
  • They have tried quitting before but relapsed and continue to take more drugs

Drug addiction is a complex issue to treat, and if people don’t seek help, they are more likely to continue the use despite the known harms of addiction. If left untreated, drug use will cause certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, liver, kidney, and brain damage, and a shortened lifespan.

Virtue Recovery Houston offers drug detox services for men and women who are ready to stop abusing drugs or alcohol and live better lives. We take the time to build trust and open communication with each client so they feel comfortable opening up and start working on their recovery.

What to Expect from Our Drug Detox Program in Houston, TX

A safe detox for drugs is possible when you enroll in a drug detox treatment program through an accredited addiction treatment facility. They have the expertise, therapies, and medications to effectively reduce withdrawal symptoms and show people the benefits of sober living.

Here is what you can expect after enrolling in a drug detox program:

  • Evaluation – When you first arrive for treatment, therapists will fully assess your physical and mental health. They use this information to create a tailored treatment program with specific medications and therapies to treat all aspects of the disorder.
  • Medication-assisted treatments – Medical staff will administer specific dosages to each client and monitor their reactions. They will adjust the dosage size throughout the program for maximum benefits and minimal side effects. Once withdrawal symptoms have faded, clients will begin tapering off the medications over time to prevent withdrawals. These medications are safe to take and only meant as temporary support during the recovery process.
  • Behavioral therapy – Therapists will work closely with each client through group and private therapy sessions using cognitive-behavioral therapy and other types of therapies. This is an essential step in the recovery process and teaches clients healthy ways to cope with their feelings and manage their symptoms and triggers.

A drug detox program is the best choice for breaking the addiction and learning how to live a healthy and productive life. The skills clients learn will go a long way toward maintaining long-lasting recovery and improving other aspects of their lives.

Call Virtue Recovery Houston for Drug Detox Services

At Virtue Recovery Houston, we provide clients with helpful drug detox services to begin their addiction recovery. When you arrive at our welcoming center, we will run a full assessment to determine the best course of action to treat your symptoms. Therapists work closely with each client through group and private therapy sessions while medical staff administer medications and monitor their progress throughout the program.

If you or a loved one is ready to accept help with their addiction recovery, contact us at 866.457.4811 today to discover the benefits of our drug detox treatment program.

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