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Drug Detox Center

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Begin a New Chapter at Virtue Recovery Center: Your Trusted Drug Detox Center

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A Drug Detox Center

with Individualized Programs

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to addiction treatment. Every individual in our care has a unique story to tell, and our treatment plans are customized to help them reach their goals. When you come to us for drug detox, you’ll find the targeted support you need.

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Benefits of Drug Detox

and Rehab Treatment

  • Help for co-occurring mental health conditions
  • A supportive environment to promote healing
  • Medication-assisted treatment when appropriate
  • A network of support to provide accountability
  • The ability to focus solely on recovery
  • Treatment from a full medical team

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A drug detox center should provide a program that does more than just address the addiction. It must also take into account an individual’s medical needs, living situation, and any co-occurring mental health conditions that may be underlying factors in their substance use issues.

Treatment Phases

Research indicates that those who complete detox and rehab together are more likely to stay sober longer and less likely to relapse. An aftercare plan is essential for when you return home from rehab and face triggers in your everyday life.
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Withdrawal symptoms can be painful and uncomfortable. Having the support of a medical team and receiving counseling during this time can help you build a foundation for recovery.
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Once withdrawal symptoms have faded, it’s time to work through the underlying causes of addiction in therapy and counseling. You’ll build healthy coping skills and discover a new path forward.

Our Approach to

Drug Detox and Rehab Treatment

A range of therapies and services can help address the physical and mental effects of eating disorders.

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • EMDR therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Mental health treatment
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • 12-step meetings
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Paying for

Drug Detox Center

How much does treatment cost?

The cost of drug detox should never be a roadblock to recovery. At Virtue Recovery Houston, we design personalized treatment plans that address the needs of every individual in our care, and the cost of treatment can vary. However, we work with most major health plans to reduce out-of-pocket costs and make treatment as accessible as possible. Verify your insurance today to see if your provider will cover your treatment.

Your Journey to

Recovery Starts Here

Take the courageous first step toward a new chapter in your life. Reach out for drug detox today by calling Virtue Recovery Houston or connecting with our team online.

Read our Testimonials

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Dempsey Jones
Dempsey Jones
Virtue helped me get my life back on track. I didn't know what to expect but when I got here, I was very excited to see the facility and when I was able to connect with the staff I was really impressed. The staff and personnel are all so kind and sincere. I genuinely feel the care was the best from the staff who insist on people getting their life back on track. My life is getting back on track due to this place and the people who work here. I can honestly say that I have gotten so much from this program.
Darin Story
Darin Story
Virtue is a life changing and life saving experience. The therapists, case management, nursing and BHTs are all fantasic. I couldn't recommend this place enough!
Michelle Nguyen
Michelle Nguyen
I can honestly say that this place helped me with my SUD and changed my way of thinking. The staff are all so open and friendly and someone is always there to lend an ear or a helping hand. I’ve been to a few rehabs and they have been nothing compared to Virtue in how they were run, the therapy and therapists, and the fact that the staff all love their jobs and truly do care for you. If you need help, or someone you love needs help, then don’t waste time or money trying anywhere else.
Chris Kirshner
Chris Kirshner
This is a great place to come, staff is great they truly care about you and your needs on your way to recovery. They care about your mental health as well would not want to go anywhere else, this place is truly amazing!
rob neill
rob neill
My own personal experience with a 90 day treatment has been life changing. Their method of treating both PTSD and substance abuse issues together, is the only thing that has made a dent in my lifelong problems. My therapist Carmen was crucial in this. I connected well with the other staff as well mainly because most of them have struggled with life issues too.
Arthur Rivera
Arthur Rivera
Big shoutout to Virtue class of October 2023. Special Thanks to Justin, Mark. Ian and all the staff. Grateful for the expierence.
Shaun St John
Shaun St John
My time here was great Mark is the best counselor ever! This place works and is the best
The facility is far above par. Each team member plays a vital and intricate role in the treatment of the clients. The compassion and genuine concern from the staff is a rare beacon of hope in the realm of Healthcare. It is as if people were selected to perform a symphony, and they had me departing with chills down my spine. The insight and tools that I was given exceeded my expectations. If you're willing to dig deep, you will find many treasures.

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Our Admissions Process

Begin your wellness journey today. Our supportive team is here to guide you through every stage.

Step 1: Understanding Your Story
Our team members have their own recovery stories, offering genuine understanding and empathy for your situation.

Step 2: Complete Your Pre-Screen Evaluation
Your initial assessment allows your guide to grasp your clinical needs comprehensively.

Step 3: Individualized Care Plan
Based on your unique needs, we’ll identify the optimal Virtue Recovery Center facility to support your path to recovery.

Step 4: Travel to Treatment Facility
We’ll equip you with a detailed packing list and itinerary and assist in ensuring your transition to the treatment center is seamless.

Step 5: Beginning Transformative Care
Upon your arrival, we conduct a final health assessment and orient you to our center, setting the stage for your transformative care journey.

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